How much I can earn? Well, that is a really tricky question since that a million factors are influencing this. Things as your age and look, are you already established model with a social media following or not, English skills, genres to willing to film and so on. We will always try to make you as, an attractive offer as possible, including several scenes filmed during the same day or maybe a two-day shoot.

How am I being paid? We will pay you in cash on stage, by the end of each filming day.

Can I be paid in advance? No. We do not do this at all, since it attracts scammers and people less committed to actually show up for a planned shoot. As a producer working directly with the models, we need to do all we can to limit no-shows and late cancellations.

Where do you film? We film mainly in the UK, Germany, Poland, Denmark and Hungary, but we are open to the idea of travelling to film or you as a model could travel to one of our shoots. We prefer to work with models with at least some skills since it makes it easier to shoot scenes with some interesting scripts. If you do not speak English, please apply anyway!

Do you cover my travel cost? Generally, no. That said, if you are not local in any of our filming cities, then let’s try to work out a package deal with transport, accommodation and maybe a two-day shoot.

Should I have a health test to work with you? Yes, we require a full test (we can advise on the specific test depending on your country) that is a maximum of 21 days old on the day of filming. This counts for all scenes with sexual contact. For many non-sexual BDSM genres no test will be needed.

What about contract and paperwork? We require you to sign two types of paperwork, that are both in English. We can send you a copy in advance, if you would like to go through them with a friend or adviser. The first document is an “Adult Model Release”, basically a document saying that give us the permission to use the content filmed commercially. The second document is an “§2257 Records Keeping Compliance Form”, basically a document where you verify who you are and that you are a minimum of 18 years old without any serious mental illness. We will also need a photo of you holding a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. All of the documents we use are industry standard versions. All documents are handled in compliance with European GDPR standards.

How can I be sure that you are a serious company? We encourage you to visit some of our websites or social media channels to make up your own impression about us. You are also welcome to contact some of the models that we have filmed with in the past and ask about us. Many of especially the pro-dommes, can easily be found on Twitter.

Where will the content that I film with you be published? The main purpose of the content that we film, are to use if for our own paid membership sites. On the membership sites, the view count will be very limited due to the pay wall. That said, we promote our sites via tubes, review sites, clip stores, Twitter and various social media channels and forums, so you need to be OK with at least snippets of what you will film with us could end up being watched by a lot of persons.

Will anyone recognise me? Most of the content that we produced aimed at our own membership sites and a few clients sites with a limited number of people watching it. But it is often promoted via tubes and review site trailers, Twitter, clip stores and other resources that could have very high view counts. Take it into consideration before signing up for this type of work. However, if you apply as a BDSM slave, you can use a mask.

Do you accept models of all genders, ages and races? Yes, sure we do. That said, we have the most filming opportunities for younger models between 18 and 23 years old. Especially for the performer group male actors from 25 years old and up, we are receiving way more applications that we can honor.

Do you accept models from all countries? Yes and no. Since our production is based in Europe, we prefer to work with models that are European based. Then it will also be easier to invite you back. Are you based somewhere else, a huge fan of one of our sites and planning a vacation in Europe. Hey, then write us and let’s shoot some content. What we are saying is that for persons not European based, then when calculating the cost of travelling and time spend. You will be left with no close to zero earnings.

Do I have to speak English? It’s great if you do, but absolutely not needed. For some of the genres that we film, we like to make a story around the scene and for this, it is needed that the models are able to communicate. So if say, you speak Russian only. Then for such scenes, we will invite you for shoots with other Russian speaking models. In this case, we will simply add subtitles to the edited version of the scene. In our production network we speak English, German, Russian, Polish, Hungarian and Danish. Yeah, we know, Spanish, French, Czech and few others are missing, but usually things turn out well anyway.

Will I know the scripts in advance and models to work with in advance? No, but you can get a very good impression of the type of scenes/content that will be filmed looking at the website in question. We will always tell you what website the shoot are for, when inviting you. In the application, you can fill out the types of models that you are ready to work with.