Are you are an adult content producer or a webmaster, then we might be able to do some co-operation. We are looking for/offering the following types of co-operation. We are also open to suggestions. You can contact us at or via Telegram

We Produce For You – Need content for your website, but prefer not doing the production in-house, then we are here to help. We can produce either in Berlin, Copenhagen, Wroclaw or in the UK with our network of local models. We mainly have lesbian and boy/girl amateur models in our portfolio, but let us know what you are looking for and we might be able to help you out.

We can also offer to produce content for you in Budapest, here we have access to more or less all types of models via our agency partners.

If you would like to know more about our pricing, please contact us with some basic info about your project. A huge difference if you need a basic lesbian scene with no story around, compared to a say an anal boy/girl scene with a huge script and lot’s of still photos. But hey, we promise competitive pricing.

You Produce For Us – We are always looking for quality content for all of our sites. For us to work with smaller independent content producers, gives us the opportunity to get exclusive content for our sites, with some fresh talent. We are looking for two types of content; a) Exclusive scenes that will fit into the concept/theme of one of our sites. We are rather strict with the concepts, so say you want to provide content for a site with mature woman with younger boys and a story theme around. Then we are not looking for a scene with 30 seconds build-up and then a 28 year old guy fucking a 30 year old girl. No, then we are looking for a 10-20 minute storyline build-up to the scene and a guy on 18-23 years, dating sex with a mature lady on 40+. As indicated above, we are mainly looking to work with the smaller producers with access to fresh talent. We are looking not looking for producers from Budapest or Prague, that in many cases would hire the models from the same agencies that we already work with us. b) We are also interested in buying 3rd. party non-exclusive content in bulk. Maybe you are selling your content through various clips stores like Clips4Sale and Onlyfans and would be interested in monetizing your older content. In such cases, we could be interested in purchasing your older content in bulk, with a clause that we will not use it on any of the platforms that you have already used it on.

We Work Together – Organizing an adult shoot at a new quality venue, can be expensive both money and time vice. It takes time to find the models, find a good location, plan the scenes and do the travelling. Maybe just to film a couple of scenes with the model in question. To save time and money and to be able to offer models potentially travelling to take part in such a shoot more work and intensive to travel. If you are a European based producer, shooting with the same type of models that we do, and if you potentially could be interested in some sort of co-operation then you are also very welcome to contact us. It is important to say that we are not looking to do shared content, simp